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Test automation

By automating key elements of functional testing, your company can meet aggressive release schedules, test more thoroughly and reliably, verify that business processes function correctly, and ultimately generate higher revenue and customer satisfaction from their online operations. If an enterprise has multiple software testers spending many hours per day and still has quality and functional problems, the company could definitely benefit from moving to automated testing. In general there will be a positive return if the application requires multiple builds/patches/fixes; needs to be tested on numerous hardware or software configurations; and supports many concurrent users. In addition, if repetitive tasks, such as data loading and system configuration are involved, or if the application needs to meet a specific service-level agreement (SLA), automation will certainly make economic sense. Mercury QuickTest Professional Mercury QuickTest Professional is Mercury’s advanced automated testing solution for building functional and regression test suites. Its innovative, zero-configuration, keyword-driven approach to structured automation provides the ability to use natural language to build tests that verify user interactions and ensure that business processes work as designed. It is the industry’s best solution for functional and regression test automation for practically every software application and environment. It enables testers to capture, verify, and replay user interactions automatically to identify defects.

Sinonis has the knowledge and experience to be your partner in automating your company’s software tests, using Mercury QuickTest Professional.