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About Sinonis

Sinonis is an independent specialist IT consultancy with a total focus in

·   software testing,

·   performance testing,

·   system testing – test automation,

·   consultancy,

·   resourcing services.

We concentrate solely on testing software, IT and technology-centred change with the goal of substantially increasing the value our customers derive from testing:

·   reducing the elapsed time spent testing

·   reducing the risk to going live

·   reducing the cost of software testing

Sinonis’ unique value proposition, built around its domain expertise in the Telecom and Financial Services arena, its proven Testing Methodologies and its Delivery Model, helps its customers significantly improve the quality of their software, control the cost of testing, compress project timelines and adequately meet business requirements agendas.

Like us, our clients also recognize that no two projects are the same. So we tailor our approach for each assignment to match the client’s goals and culture. We work to a set of principles which govern how we conduct our assignments but don’t form a constraining method which would stifle innovation and pragmatism.

We deliver high quality managed strategies and software testing solutions to systematically locate weaknesses within the complexity of any IT system. Locating a fault earlier within the development lifecycle can be up to 100 times less costly than when found by a user after the application has gone live. Using Sinonis on automated software testing projects can quickly generate return on investment, especially when considering mission critical performance testing and regression testing requirements.



We have specialist knowledge in putting together automated regression test packs implementing an automated framework allows business users to automatically input a range of values by using dynamic data in spreadsheets and monitoring the output. This approach has led to significant time savings for regression testing such complex applications and has showcased Mercury Quicktest Professional as a versatile and flexible tool.

As an organization we constantly adapt our approach for new situations, or to bring fresh insight to a familiar landscape. Although we employ only very experienced testing consultants, we are committed to continually improving our skills. We place a high value on training and coaching in advanced peer groups.

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